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Update International Milk Thermometer

Update International Milk Thermometer

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To make perfect milk foam, you need to ensure you’re frothing to the right temperature. Some very experienced baristas will get pretty good at doing this by touch, but the reality is that nothing beats a genuine thermometer reading. You’re typically shooting for around 60-70ºC which is the temperature where the milk will taste sweetest and provide the most pleasant texture and temperature for the drinker.

This Brew Tool thermometer is designed specifically for milk frothing in a home or cafe environment. It features a long shaft that is suitable for most milk frothing jugs, and thanks to a large dial, it’s very easy to read. While its main reading is in Fahrenheit, it also has Celsius temperatures on the dial

Update International Milk Frothing Thermometer Features & Specifications

  • 13cm shaft length
  • Large easy-read dial
  • Clip for attaching to milk frothing jug
  • Ideal frothing range indicator
  • Can be calibrated to ensure consistent readings
  • Made of stainless steel
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