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Sumatran Coffee

Decaf - Colombia Co2

Decaf - Colombia Co2

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Experience the harmonious balance of flavors without the caffeine jolt with our Colombian Decaf blend. Meticulously crafted from carefully selected Colombian beans, this medium roast decaf coffee offers a smooth and delightful cup that rivals its caffeinated counterparts. Savor the velvety texture and indulge in the rich, nuanced flavors that dance on your palate, featuring notes of caramel and a hint of citrus. With Colombian Decaf, you'll enjoy all the pleasures of a well-rounded coffee experience, minus the caffeine. Embrace the calm and relish in the smoothness of this exceptional decaf blend.


- Flavor Profile: Smooth and well-rounded with notes of caramel and a hint of citrus.

- Roast Level: Medium, providing a balanced and approachable flavor profile.

- Best Brewing Methods: Ideal for all brewing methods.

- Decaffeinated Excellence: Crafted to deliver a satisfying coffee experience without the caffeine.

- Freshness Guarantee: Thoughtfully crafted, promptly delivered to ensure optimal freshness.

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