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Sumatran Coffee

Mocha Java

Mocha Java

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Embark on a timeless journey with our Classic Mocha Java blend, one of our oldest and most cherished creations. This blend pays homage to the rich history of coffee by combining two renowned coffees: the vibrant and fruity Ethiopian Mocha and the earthy and smooth Indonesian Java. With a medium roast, this filter coffee blend strikes the perfect balance between complexity and approachability. Indulge in the enchanting aroma and the harmonious combination of flavors that dance on your palate. Immerse yourself in the heritage of coffee with each sip of this exceptional blend, and experience the enduring allure of Mocha Java.


- Flavor Profile: Well-balanced blend with vibrant fruitiness and earthy undertones.

- Roast Level: Medium.

- Best Brewing Method: Perfectly suited for filter brewing methods, such as pour-over or drip brewing.

- History: Celebrates the heritage of coffee with a blend of Ethiopian Mocha and Indonesian Java.

- Freshness Guarantee: Crafted with care and promptly delivered to ensure optimal freshness.

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