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Sumatran Coffee

French Romano 70/30

French Romano 70/30

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Embrace the ultimate boldness with our French Romano 70/30 blend. Based on our ever popular French Romano, this blend has be re-developed for a stronger, bolder variation of our original best selling blend. Carefully curated to deliver a strong flavour experience, this blend is for the true coffee connoisseurs. From the first sip, you'll be enveloped in a symphony of rich, intense flavors that demand your attention. Its full-bodied profile, combined with a smooth and lingering finish, creates a truly unforgettable coffee experience. Brace yourself for the boldest intensity that French Romano 70/30 has to offer.


- Flavor Profile: Intensely bold and rich, demanding attention.

- Best Brewing Method: For coffee connoisseurs craving the ultimate intensity. Perfect through all brew methods.

- Strength Ratio: Bold and strong.

- Body: Full-bodied with a caramel lingering finish.

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