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Sumatran Coffee

Dark Espresso Blend

Dark Espresso Blend

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Immerse yourself in the bold allure of our Dark  Espresso Blend, a captivating blend designed for those seeking a stronger and more intense coffee experience. Building upon the foundation of our popular espresso blend, this iteration boasts a darker roast profile that imparts a rich depth and a robust flavor. The result is a bolder cup of espresso, showcasing an enticingly dark and velvety body. Indulge in the harmonious balance of flavors, highlighted by subtle hints of chocolate and a lingering intensity. Savor the midnight magic in every sip as this blend takes you on a journey into the realm of strong and captivating espresso.


- Flavor Profile: Bold and intense with a hint of chocolate and a velvety body.

- Roast Level: Dark, delivering a stronger and more robust coffee experience.

- Best Brewing Method: Perfectly suited for espresso brewing methods.

- Strength: Offers a bolder cup with an intensified flavor profile.

- Freshness Guarantee: Crafted with precision, promptly delivered for optimal freshness.

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