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Sumatran Coffee

Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper

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If you’re looking for an easy, effective and affordable way to make a single cup of coffee, the Abid Clever Coffee Dripper may be your ideal coffee maker. This very cleverly engineered coffee dripper allows you to make delicious coffee without the need for special accessories or highly precise measurements.

The Clever Coffee Dripper actually combines the best of two coffee brewing methods – immersion and pour-over/filter. Like the ever-popular french-press, it fully immerses the coffee in the water, allowing for maximum flavour extraction and control over brewing time. However, because it uses a filter paper, you get rid of all that mud and sediment that some people don’t like in a plunger.

The secret is in the special little valve at the bottom of the Clever Dripper. Rather than having an open hole through which water and coffee start to pour right away, the Clever Dripper holds its coffee until you place it on top of a cup! That way, you can control your extraction time without having to mess around with grind settings or pour-over kettles.

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