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Sumatran Coffee

African Espresso

African Espresso

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Awaken your senses with the bold and captivating African Espresso. This exceptional blend features a selection of premium African beans, expertly roasted to varying profiles from medium to dark. Indulge in the rich, intense flavors that define African coffees, combined with the concentrated goodness of espresso. With each shot, you'll experience the vibrant acidity, deep complexity, and hints of dark chocolate. African Essence Espresso is the perfect companion for your espresso adventures, delivering an authentic taste of Africa in every aromatic and satisfying sip.


- Flavor Profile: Intense and bold, with vibrant acidity, deep complexity, and hints of dark chocolate.

- Roast Profiles: Varying roast profiles from medium to dark for a diverse espresso experience.

- Origin: Crafted exclusively from premium African beans.

- Best Brewing Method: Designed specifically for espresso, but can also be enjoyed as a rich and robust drip coffee.

- Freshness Guarantee: Roasted in small batches and delivered promptly to ensure optimal freshness.


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