About Us


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About Us – Sumatran Coffee


We pride ourselves on not only offering the best, freshest products possible but also our service where we strive to make your coffee experience as simple & convenient as possible.

Welcome to Sumatran

Sumatran is a supplier and roaster of premium quality coffee, equipment and related products.  It is our pleasure to assist with coffee machine sales and technical support in both industrial and automated machinery, educating the end user through Coffee Tasting Evenings, Barista Training, in both the coffee shop and home environments, and the theoretical and practical training for students in the hospitality sector. 

Sumatran Premium Coffee is blended from 100% Arabican coffee from Africa, Indonesia, Central and South America. We stock single origin coffees and can blend to specific requirements. 

Slo-Jo and Red Espresso are at the forefront of helping us to keep up with the demand from Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Hotels and Guest Houses, providing superior products to compliment our range of coffee and provide additional products like Smoothies and Rooibos based drinks.

Our vision

To  share our passion for coffee and our knowledge to all who love it as much as we do. We want to be part of and contribute to the coffee industry growing from strength to strength. To see baristas receive the reward and recognition that they deserve as a Specialty Coffee Maker.

Full support to back you up

Our highly-trained and experienced technicians offer full support and service specializing in the service and repair of a wide variety of Coffee Machines for commercial and home. We also offer a large range of spares and cleaning products.




Welcome to Sumatran Coffee, where the world's finest coffees come alive through meticulous roasting and expert blending. We are passionate about crafting exceptional coffee experiences that awaken your senses and transport you to the lush coffee regions of the globe.


At Sumatran Coffee, we source the finest coffee beans from diverse regions around the world. Each bean is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and distinctive flavors that reflect the unique terroir of its origin. From the lush plantations of South America to the rugged landscapes of Africa and beyond, we curate a captivating collection of coffee beans that capture the essence of their respective origins.


Our skilled roasters bring out the best in each coffee bean, artfully balancing the roast profile to enhance its inherent flavors. With utmost precision, we unlock the rich aromas, nuanced flavors, and delightful complexities hidden within each bean, creating a harmonious symphony of taste with every sip.


We take pride in our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our expert blenders skillfully combine different coffee varieties to create unique and balanced blends. Whether you prefer a bold and robust cup or a smooth and mellow blend, our selection caters to diverse palates, ensuring there's something extraordinary for everyone.


At Sumatran Coffee, we believe in fostering sustainable and ethical practices. We work closely with our partner farmers and support fair trade principles to ensure a positive impact on the communities and the environment. From seed to cup, we prioritize quality, sustainability, and transparency, providing you with coffees that you can feel good about enjoying.


Step into our world of Sumatran Coffee and embark on a journey of discovery. Allow the aromas to envelop you, the flavors to captivate you, and the passion for exceptional coffee to awaken your senses. We invite you to experience the artistry and delight that our coffees have to offer.


Indulge in the magic of Sumatran Coffee, where the world's finest coffees converge, creating moments of pure pleasure in every cup.'