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  • Astoria Greta 1 Group Coffee Machine


    Greta is the small versatile machine, suitable for both professional and semi-professional use.

    Its small size and ease of use make Greta the perfect machine for offices or bars with reduced coffee volumes. The internal components are identical to those of professional machines, though their sizes are reduced: this feature guarantees quality espresso, in every cup. Painted steel and plastic, it is available both with the internal volumetric pump, for connection to water mains, and with vibration pump in case of manual filling.

    The serving capacity is 70-80 cups per day.

    Available in Red & White.

  • Astoria Tanya 1 Group Coffee Machine

    • Astoria Tanya 1 Group Coffee Machine
    • 1 group head EPU/Semi-Automatic
    • 6.0L boiler
    • Available in black and red
    Brand: Astoria
    Product Code: SAE1TR
    Weight: 44 Kg
    Dimensions: 505 W 515 H 535D mm
    Power Rating: 240V; 15Amp
    Product Origin: Italy